Galliano, cluster bombs, cervical cancer and Miss Universe on HWM’s Episode 5

Hi all!

Today’s episode was full of fun and interesting facts. Our  main guest was socialite Gizelle Berbery, who talked about her daily activities, her relationship with her kids and her love for shoes and bags. Talking about bags, Body Language expert Habib Khoury also joined us to tell us that how a woman carries her purse can actually reveal something about her personality. For example, if you sit with your purse on your lap and fold your arms, it is seen as a sign of low self-esteem, insecurity, self consciousness and fear! And if you tuck your chin in and hold onto your bag while walking, it signifies shyness. Who knew?!

Other interesting guests we hosted were Diplomat Walid Haidar, Doctor Elie Attieh and Artist Khodor Barbar.

Haidar talked about cluster bombs and Monday September 12 UNESCO’s Opening Ceremony for the Convention on Cluster Munitions, while Dr. Attieh highlighted the dangers of cervical cancer. We share with you interesting stats that were provided by Attieh:

  • Cervical cancer is the number 2 most common cancer among women after breast cancer.
  • Cervical cancer claims the lives of 500,000 women worldwide every year.
  • It is rumored that vaccinations are ineffective after a woman’s first intercourse. This is false. Females between the ages of 9 and 50 benefit from the vaccination.
  • Only 6% of Lebanese women are vaccinated against cervical cancer. A 100 – 120 cases are recorded every year, and 3-5% of Lebanese women are prone to the disease.

On a lighter note, Lebanese young artist Khodor Barbar joined us on the show to talk about his music and share his first song. Check out his Facebook page here

One of our reports was about legendary fashion designer John Galliano, who was found guilty in an antisemitism trail and was fined 6,000 euros. The house of Dior fired Galliano earlier this year because of the accusations. Check out Galliano’s slurs in this video . (Please be cautioned, strong language is used.)

But don’t worry, our report is entirely SFW.

Our other interesting report was about Miss Universe 2011, which is taking place in Brazil. For the first time ever, viewers can now vote for their favorite girl and help her win the crown.

Have a lovely weekend!


Helwi w Murra


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