Buenos Aires and Elizabeth Taylor make an appearance on HWM’s Episode 4

Hi all!

We have some interesting reports and fun facts to share with you. Our main guest was Mona el-Rezz Bassaj, and we talked about how to reduce calorie intake with Mireille Harmouche, a cinema workshop with director Myriam el-Hajj, a report about Christie’s auction house selling the complete jewelry collection of Elizabeth Taylor, a fashion report about Buenos Aires Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2011-2012 and much more.

In the nutrition segment, Mireille Harmouche talked about how to reduce calorie intake especially during the summer season when we tend to eat out more. (We know you all love ice cream!!) Did you know that if you consume 7,000 calories more than you burn you will gain one kilogram? Mireille Harmouche gave us advice on how to reduce our calorie intake, yet still enjoy our lunch or dinner outings. Instead of choosing a thick crust pizza, choose thin crust with half the amount of cheese and you’ll reduce your intake by 200 calories. Another example, if we’re enjoying the Salad Bar, it’s recommended to fill our plate with all kinds of vegetables but add only one or two fatty toppings, such as feta cheese, tuna, eggs, etc… To read more about the subject, check out this website.

Director Myriam el-Hajj was also a guest on Helwi w Murra today. She talked about the three-day cinema workshop that will be held in Gemmayzeh from September 23 till 25.  In collaboration with Laboratoire d’Art, Myriam el-Hajj and gallery owner Ibrahim Samaha will start a cinema workshop for beginners to spread knowledge to those interested in the field. The goal of this workshop is to make participants write a short script and improve their writing skills. The workshop also aims to educate participants on the  important keys in the movie and how to analyze the directing elements. This will allow local movie makers to improve their skills, thereby improving the local film industry.

The best script will be chosen at the end of the workshop. Myriam el-Hajj and Ibrahim Samaha will try to secure necessary funding for the winner to launch his or her own projects. The workshop will have between six and 12 participants, and is open to all film lovers of all age groups.

One interesting report that was featured on our show today was about Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry which is to be auctioned soon. Christie’s auction house is selling her complete jewelry collection, valued at $30 million, in New York on December 13 and 14, 2011. Watch our special report here!

You can read more about the subject here.
A fashion report about Buenos Aires Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2011-2012 featured Argentinian fashion designer Maria Vasquez. His collection was mainly black and white with feathers. Watch our report and check out Buenos Aires Fashion Week’s official website.

We hope you enjoyed the show! Tune in tomorrow!


Helwi w Murra


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