Second episode of season 2.

Hi all!

Our second episode of season 2 just ended and we’re going to share with you some interesting facts. The main guest was Grace Achkar and the highlights of this episode include history of fashion shows with our fashion consultant and fashion designer Carine Tawil and five tips on how to be like a Star, dance performance directed and choreographed by Ali Chahrour, a short and interesting report on virtual boarding agents and much more!

English designer and father of Haute Couture, Charles Frederick Worth was the first man to introduce the concept of fashion shows. Carine Tawil explained that since the 1900s till now the concept of fashion shows is still the same.

One report on Helwi w Murra gave us five tips on how to achieve the glow of a Hollywood Star:
Check them out!!

  1. Don’t overdo your clothing, yet don’t be simple.
  2. Accessorizing is key. Wear classical hats, such as fedoras and berets, sunglasses and not to forget your high heels.
  3. Wear red and rock red lipstick, not forgetting to choose the right hue for your skin color. Think Marilyn Monroe.
  4. Black is classical, but silver and golden colors will bring out the star in you.
  5. Low back cut dresses will surely make you feel like you’re in Hollywood.

For dance performance lovers, we have a special report on a performance being held at Maqamat Dance Theatre. Directed and choreographed by Ali Chahrour, “On the Lips, Snow” deals with the trilogy of the body, memory and object.

Check out this event here.

For travelers, we’re sure you are going to find this report interesting! An airport in Paris, France is experimenting with virtual boarding agents to replace real-life boarding agents. Watch our report here.

Check out more articles about that subject here and here.

Helwi w Murra featured one fascinating report on street names in Beirut. Did you know that streets in Beirut usually have several names? Watch this report to know more about the subject.

Finally, a representative from the Children’s Cancer Center in Beirut was on one of the segments of Helwi w Murra. She explained about the fundraising gala to be held on the 9th of September.

Browse through their website here.


Helwi w Murra


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