Season Two Premiere Round up

Hi all!

Our Season 2 Premiere just ended and we have a lot of interesting content to share with you. The highlights of this episode include advice from our very own Physchologist Joanna Imad on how to deal with depression after vacationing, a short report on how dogs can detect human illnesses, Nadine Labaki’s upcoming movie “W hala2 la ween” and much more.

An American study conducted over a nine-year period and included 12,000 people showed that we are more prone to depression after vacationing, especially if we take longer vacations. According to Joanna, the best way to avoid this is by returning to your home environment a few days before you go back to work. This will give you time to settle down and get back into work mode. It is also believed that the change in weather, food, and one’s sleeping patterns plays a role in aggravating post-vacation depression. Additionally, the study showed that those who vacation every two to five years are less prone to heart disease.

One report on Helwi w Murra showed that dogs can supposedly detect illnesses in humans. This apparently is not a new discovery, as dogs’ keen sense of smell can supposedly differentiate between the bodily odors of a healthy person and a sick person. Illnesses detected include lung, skin and intestinal cancer. Impressive! Watch our report here.

More stories on the topic here and here .

For movie lovers, we have a special report on Nadine Labaki’s new film”W hala2 la ween” (Where do we go now?). The movie was written by Labaki and co (Rodney el-Haddad and Jihad Hojeily) and was also directed by the talented 37-year-old. The movie will be in all Lebanese cinemas starting September 23, so save the date! Watch and share our report with all your friends!

And last but not least, we talked to Bab Idriss star Joelle Dagher, who played the role of Ola in the Ramdan 2011 series. The 24-year-old shared her experiences in acting, her love for Lebanese cinema and series production, and her immense respect for Lebanese actress and director Nadine Labaki.

If you want to support a greener Lebanon, Helwi w Murra talked to Amal Khreich about Hizb el Khodor, who are holding a fun green day on September 8 at the Beirut Hippodrome under the motto “Green is a Red Line.” Check their very cool event here.

Also, if you’re into theater, you might want to check out “Soura Shamsiyeh.” It is a new play by Julian Boutros playing from September 8 until September 11 at the Dowar al-Shams Theater in Badaro.

We hope you enjoyed the show as well as the blog. We promise more very soon.


Helwi w Murra


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