A little about our hosts

Hi all!

Since our season two premiere is taking place today at 4:30 p.m. Beirut time on LBCI TV, we decided to share a little bit about ourselves with our fans! (We also added a recent picture for you! You can see more on our Facebook page.)

Fun facts about Carla Haddad: 

1-      Do you read newspapers?

I read the last page of the newspaper that contains news from around the world.

2-      What’s the best thing you like about yourself?

My spontaneity.

3-      What is your favorite movie?

The Hangover.

4-      What types of sports do you do?

I swim, play beach volleyball, table tennis, and take aTae Bo and body pump classes.

What you did not know about Carla Younes:

1-      Do you have any favorite designers?

My favorite designers are Elie Saab, Zuheir Mrad and Roberto Cavalli.

2-      How often do you cook?

My cooking is a disaster. I hate being in the kitchen.

3-      What bit do you take from the psychology segment on Helwi w Murra and apply it to your personal life?

I learned how to better communicate with others as well as how to break the ice with people I just met.

4-      Do you have hidden talents?

I sing, mainly oriental songs for artists like Leila Mrad and others.

What Elise Farah likes and dislikes:

1-      Which art form do you prefer?

I always had a thing for antiquities when it came to interior design.

2-      What lessons have you learned from the psychology segment on Helwi w Murra?

We should never stop our kids from doing something without giving them a reasonable explanation.

3-      Who is your favorite cinema director?

I particularly like Mel Gibson and Quentin Tarantino.

4-      Do you like reading books?

I inherited hundreds of books from my late aunt. I usually read French novels and tend to finish a book in the same day.

 What Afaf Damaa has to say:

1-      Who would you consider to be your TV hero?

My icons are Hiam Abou Chedid and Marcel Ghanem.

2-      Do you recall any funny moments from Helwi w Murra?

Carla once slipped and fell as she was walking onto the set.

3-       What is your specialty recipe?

My specialty is coconut milk and chicken. Here is the recipe:

First, you need to fry some chicken breasts. Meanwhile, you sauté onions and garlic, and then add soy sauce, paprika, black pepper and oregano with coconut milk.

Dip the chicken in the sauce, and let it simmer for 20 minutes.  Then serve it with steamed rice.

4-      Do you have any favorite books?

My all-time favorite books are “Les cinq personnes que j’ai rencontre la-haut,” and “Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom.

 Meet Ana-Bella Hilal:

1-      What art form do you prefer?

I love portraits. My house is decorated with family portraits because I believe that the face best expresses one’s personality.

2-     Do you exercise regularly?

I do yoga four times a week, and I sometimes go scuba diving with my friends.

3-    What are the bits that you take from the psychology segment on Helwi w Murra and apply it to your personal life?

I enjoy body language theories and what they reveal about human interactions.

4-     What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I get up and kiss my little daughter Maeva. I run to her like a little kid.

About helwielhayet

Helwi el-Hayet discusses your favorite topics every week day at 4:30 p.m. Beirut time. From fashion to psychology to books to art to nutrition to cooking and coaching (and much, much more), Helwi el-Hayet is here to shed light on the latest trends and to share with you reports, interviews and recipes from Lebanon and the region!
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2 Responses to A little about our hosts

  1. Nivine hashisho says:

    please i need to know the name of an arabic book u talked about in one of ur episode last week about the woman and how to profit from her time, in its title there is “عشر دقائق” so please i wish that wll send me the name of the book nd the writer to my email

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